<aside> 📌 The process of obtaining a job after college usually involves searching for jobs, applying to jobs, interviewing for jobs, and/or networking. Many students also benefit from personal discernment (about their skill sets, interests, goals, etc.) and preparation (e.g., career research, resume editing, internships, career fair attendance, etc.) prior to their job search. Tips and resources are included below for each step of the career search process.




Physics Department Career Resources

Call for Alumni

Physics Student Services hopes to create an alumni database in the future. In the meantime, know that we are always happy to receive updates about your job search and placement and we welcome any tips, wisdom, and/or videos you would like to share with physics majors. Additionally, if you are interested in serving on a career panel after you graduate, please reach out to Kathleen ([email protected]). We plan to host these each semester, and some events might even continue to be virtual depending on what works best for panelists.