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Physics Major Prerequisites

Physics major prerequisites are listed in the table below and are more comprehensively outlined here. All undergraduate physics course descriptions can be found here. We accept high school exam credits for the math courses according to **these guidelines** outlined by the Math Department. Math course equivalents articulated on **Assist.org** are also accepted for the math prerequisites. However, high school exam credits CANNOT be used to satisfy any physics courses, and individual physics California Community College (CCC) courses are subject to review if the entire physics series was not taken at the CCC.

Additional notes: The Physics 5-series (i.e., Physics 5A, 5B, 5BL, 5C, and 5CL) is the honors version of the Physics 7-series. It is only recommended for students who have a strong physics background (e.g., from high school AP physics). Also, only students double majoring in math and physics (or transfer students who took the equivalent course prior to matriculating) can use Math 54 instead of Physics 89. All other students must take Physics 89. Lastly, note that Math N53 will not be accepted in place of Math N53. Please review the more comprehensive outline of the physics major program linked above for more details. As always, email your advisor if you have any questions!

Physics Major Prerequisites (typical sequence)