<aside> 📌 (Written by physics students, Nishant Mishra and Shaunak Modak, in fall 2020.)


Our department provides a variety of channels for students to get involved with real scientific research early in their careers. Through research, you will strengthen your physics background knowledge by applying it to real problems and develop crucial skills needed for careers in science and industry, such as collaboration, independent problem-solving, and communication. Though your role will vary from lab to lab, as an undergraduate, you can typically expect to assist with a variety of tasks, ranging from simulation and data analysis to operating and tuning lab equipment. While the idea of engaging in cutting-edge research as a college student may seem daunting, many research groups will organize projects specifically tailored to undergraduates, and you will often be put under the mentorship of a senior graduate student or a postdoctoral scholar who will be more than willing to assist you. Overall, participating in undergraduate research is an extremely fulfilling experience, and we highly encourage you to participate in it!